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Eyecon March 21-22 2009, The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

First, the Good:  lovely spending the weekend with friends (I have 3 friends who live in Orlando, I live in Florida, so I pick up another friend of ours in Vero and we drive up to stay with them, plus shadow_of_doubt *hugs* and some other nice internetz related folks).  Patty and I had a pleasant chat with Jason Manns in the autograph/vendors room and bought a couple CDs.  Jim smiled and winked at us passing in the hallway, nothing special about us, just that he likely recalled our faces from other cons in general--he said at his panels he recognized all the faces of the audience.  :-)  Julie McNiven (Anna) complimented Patty's art manipulated photo of her with angels wings subtly in the background with a profile pic of Dean.  All of the Q&As were great fun--we've seen Chad, Gabe and Jim before, and Jason Manns (just once, though).  Jim, bless him, did 2 Q&As, one Saturday, one Sunday, since Misha couldn't make it.  The guests occasionally wandered in and out of another's Q&A, and once in a while interacted (like Gabe and Chad, and Chad's now infamous prank on the crowd in cahoots with Froggy the photographer).  Patty and Jason Manns had a delightful exchange about Jason's SAT scores--Patty is a high school guidance counselor, and since Jason has said before that he went to William & Mary, and that is a very difficult school to get in, his scores had to be awesome.  She asked what his SATs had been (after explaining why she wanted to know, and that she'd gotten students into Harvard and Yale, but not W&M yet)--he was sweetly cagey about answering, or really, *not* answering, making us believe the scores are quite high.  He said at first "1607"--which is an impossible number considering when he would have taken them, as at that time, the highest would have been 1600.  Hee.  My photo op with Jim (which started out as an op with Jared, was next exchanged for an op with Misha, then Jim, when Misha couldn't make it)--no dis on Jim, I have a great pic of him and Jared with me in the "Hunters" pic from the first Eyecon) was great fun and huggy and came out nicely.  Julie McNiven is sweet and strong and pretty.  Said Jensen was a gentlemen in their love scene.  Said they all laughed and laughed in between filming takes.  Told a great story about how she's a Supernatural watcher, and always thought while watching that Sam and Dean are the "Tall One" and the "Short One."  Then she met them, and they're "The Giant" and "The Tall One."  Heeeee!  Jim was also highly complimentary of both Jensen and Jared; there was a question about what kind of acting he preferred and it led to a discussion of his own techniques--it could be considered spoilery, so I'll put it under a cut:

Jim said he was always impressed with actors who can turn on emotion and cry (over and over again for multiple takes), it takes him a while to get to that place--he said that both Jensen and Jared are able to go right there, that a couple weeks ago he had a scene with Jared where he was acting fun and goofy and when they called 'action' he went right to a tear rolling down his cheek (Jim demonstrated by running his finger down his face from his eye), and just last week, he'd had a 3 page of dialogue scene with Jensen, it was just the 2 of them back and forth, back and forth, and the same thing, filming over and over, and Jensen having tears rolling down his cheeks.  Jim also said that he had a very emotional, intense scene at the beginning of episode 22, and that it is his only scene in the ep, but it's a great one, similar in feeling, but NOT events, to All Hell Breaks Loose, pt. 2.  Yikes.

Next, the Bad:  well, disappointing, really.  First, Jared needs to cancel, then Misha also needs to cancel, at the last minute.  No dis on them.  It's the nature of the business, and their day job comes first, it's what pays the bills and they have a professional obligation to keep, and are too respectful of their employers and co-workers to cause a problem.  For con attendees, it's always a crap shoot, and you get to know the guests that do their damnedest to get there, and if they cancel, well, you pays your money and you takes your chances.  It happens, and you gotta decide early on to have fun no matter what with who *is* or isn't there. 

And finally, the Ugly:  Eyecon staff sold autographs and photo ops with Misha Collins up to about 5 minutes before Dizzy (stage host) announced that Misha couldn't make it (as hard as they'd tried to work it out), and that it had been known by convention organizers that there was a very good chance that Misha couldn't make the con, that he was having to work/be available to work, and while they did try to arrange flights to get him in late Saturday and out before Monday morning work call, it wasn't going to happen.  We'd heard talk in the vendors' room that "it was too bad the angel guy couldn't make it" as early as Friday night, yet tickets, ops and autos continued to be sold.  When Patty and Annie bought their autos and ops, I specifically *asked* if Misha was going to be there.  I received the vague "well, he is our Sunday guest" answer, and the staff worker hesitated slightly.  People paid with cash and credit cards.  Now, I have no idea if the staff table workers knew or not, but obviously con organizers did, and let their staff keep selling.  And did I mention they kept selling until FIVE MINUTES before the cancellation announcement??  That is *appalling* unprofessional, unethical, disrespectful behavior towards people spending their hard-earned (or not, who cares?) money for something that was not going to happen.  It's shameful.  And while told they could exchange Misha autos/ops for others, many wanted refunds.  These refunds were supposed to be run today.  I have no reason to believe that the money won't be returned as promised.  I hope it goes smoothly.  Annie won't rest until she does get her money back, if any delay for any reason occurs.  She's a very determined person.  But, it remains that this should not have happened in the first place.  Anyone asking for a Misha related purchase should have been informed.  It is not wise to treat your paying customers like that (in many cases, attendees had been to Eyecon before more than once--this was my third).  I can't imagine there will be another Eyecon, but perhaps arrogance will tell.  I have my doubts it will succeed, trust has been broken.  And really, who schedules a third con with 2 others (Creation) in the same month??  Especially during a time when they are still filming, and it's the end of the season!

Anyway, thanks to the delightful *guests* the attendees had a nice time with them, at least.  If I think of any other *fun* cast/set related stories, I'll post them.

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