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A moment of silence...


For my dear, departed external hard drive at home.  I pulled the plug last night, after it slipped into a coma and no amount of resuscitation would bring it back to me.  ::sob:: 


It’s been acting oddly for a long time, sometimes ‘there’ in My Computer or whenever I wanted to save a file, and many times not there.  And it would whir and chirrup to itself even in the middle of the night.  I came this close >< to salting and burning it!  Anyway, finally called my comp techs and described the problem to them, and they clutched their geeky pearls and shrieked ‘oh the humanity!’ (okay, maybe they actually just said ‘hmm, sounds like it’s failing’) .  So I went home, hoping to coax it into coming on and copying my files to my computer hard drive (yes, yes, yes, I know, I should have done that sooner!).  It was there in My Computer, but the icon was the little mystery pic when Microsoft can’t read the type of file, and when I tried to open it, it said ‘files empty’.  I shrieked in horror, but managed to find the files through another ‘explore’ method and promptly hurried through copying them to my computer HD.  I think it’s out of warranty, so I guess I’ll be off to the Devil’s Playground (aka Best Buy) for new one—luckily I have some Reward Zone $$ and I don’t want more than a 250GB, so it shouldn’t be too costly.  I hope.


Sigh.  At least I didn’t lose my files!   =:-O


And on a cheerier note:


Misha Collins interview bit:


<<So are we going to get to see your wings? Not just the shadow of them?

Collins: I have a suspicion that the wings, ... there is no way that they would fail to disappoint. And, you know, since we've just seen them as shadows, no one knows what they really look like. Maybe they're actually only 3 inches tall [laughs].

Now, you don't want people to think you have small wings ...

Collins: No, no.

That would be embarrassing.

Collins: I would be trying to find wing enlargement.

I'm sure someone has that on the Internet.

Collins: That's right. >>



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