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Sidetracking my mostly Supernatural LJ today (I dunno, I think Dean and Sam would like Michael and Victor... ;-) for a little Burn Notice love--the 2nd season finale was last night, guest starring Michael Shanks as Victor, as an ex-spy also burned operative.  He was amazing.  I love the show and Jeffrey Donovan (I still miss Touching Evil USA, wish they'd put it out on DVD, but I digress...).  Anyway, I'm still thinking about the ep and their performances today, and that means it was a great episode.  Some specific thoughts...

#$%&@!  I'm so annoyed and sad they killed Victor.  *sob*  The whole ep was great, and Michael was fantastic as Victor.  I'm so disappointed he was killed, would have been great to see him again next season, still whacked, but occasionally working with Michael Weston.  :-( 

And, man, speaking of, Michael and Victor's chemistry was *huge*--I don't tend to immediately think/go the slash route, but every now and then a pair's chemistry that way (no matter what the show says) just shines and I sit up and take notice.  The last scene with Victor, Michael's hand on top of Victor's trying to staunch the blood, Victor telling him it's okay, do it, it will help his situation/credibility with 'management' and Michael's eyes full of tears as he kills Victor and then gently closes his eyes?  It was awesome work, on so many levels...


Looking forward to the 2nd season DVDs now!  I recommend the show highly, great cast, including Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless, they all mesh really well, the Miami scenery is well used and beautiful, nice mix of humor, mystery, action and handy how to make spy stuff tips!  He's like MacGyver with guns!  Hee.

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