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19 February 2009 @ 01:58 pm
My thoughts on Supernatural's future--spoilery  
Sigh.  So, I just read a brief interview with Jared, where he talks a little bit about what's left of season 4, will there be a season 5, and a possible direction for the end.  And, quite frankly, it all makes me want to just cry. 

First, the CW itself won't give them a specific answer about renewal yet, just a vague 'well, make those last 5 eps of this season really great...'

Second, Kripke says via Jared's interpretation that if they do get canceled, everyone dies.

Third, well, there isn't a third.  Jeez, aren't the first two traumatizing enough??

Y'know, I get all the reasons and hesitations from the CW (budget, will they even be around, blah blah).  And I get Kripke, too, he's never promised an end to this beautiful, very often tragic show that was happy and filled with hugs and puppies.  I understand, it's about telling his story, about being consistent with all the loss and death and truth of the hunter's life.  There are often hints:  Dean's said more than once that things will end sad and/or bloody.  And usually, I'm okay with a show making those decisions to go out with bang, change things up, kill characters, etc.--it's all about the drama, the story.



This show?  About these characters?  I am so deeply, emotionally involved, I can't even think about them ending.  And yeah, I know, it's probably unhealthy, and unrealistic, and...y'know what?  I just don't care.  My head gets it.  My heart is going to *shatter* into bits no matter when Supernatural finishes its run.

I'm just asking, Mr. Kripke, no, man, I'm *begging*:

Please, please, don't kill the boys.  Please, their lives have been so filled with pain and loss and sadness and grief, if anyone deserves to survive, to get a least a little happiness, it's Dean and Sam.  And they both have to be alive, and have each other.  Because *you* said it's all about the brothers' relationship.  I'll even take an ending where they're still out there, hunting and living on the edge, because then I can believe that they'll be the exception to the rule, that hunting won't end their lives before their time, sudden, bloody, and there's always that chance they'll find some happiness.

I just can't think any other way.  Damn, damn, damn all of you, for making a show that wonderful, that full of heart, to get inside me and make me care so much that it hurts. 

*clings and cries some more*

God, I'm pathetic.  Sigh.

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deej1957: awwwww too cute Samdeej1957 on February 19th, 2009 08:17 pm (UTC)
I think Kripke would be an idiot to kill the boys in the final episode. Surely he knows how fandom works-- the way to residuals is through the introduction of new viewers. You want people to buy the DVDs, tune into sindication? You want to perhaps make a movie-- direct to DVD or what? You don't end the series with dead heros, you end it with the Impala driving off into the sunset with both boys intact.

But, then, my dear friend, you know where my head is at with the show right now and what I think of Kripke.

Hollywood can't seem to learn from thier past mistakes. Look at Moonlighting-- top of the ratings UNTIL the two leads finally got together. Same with Scarecrow and Mrs. King-- as soon as they kissed the ratings dropped off. Yet, every TV show that repeats the same "plot" apparently believes they'll be the one that succeeds where everyone else failed.

What kept Star Trek fandom going after the original series was taken off the air? The fans. Word of mouth. They killed Spock in the movie, fans had a coronary and they brought him back. I believe leaving him dead would have ended the franchise right then and there. Why did Enterprise fail? IMO it was because they veered off from the story that fans loved so well.

Quantum leap didn't have a happy ending and that fandom... is there still a fandom? Who wants to get caught up in a show where the hero Never Returns Home? How depressing.

Kripke is skating very close to the edge right now with the way the brothers have been butting heads and growing farther and farther apart this season. If he ends the series with them on two seperate sides (which is a stupid cliche to begin with) or even dead, then he's pretty much killed new interest in the show after it goes into syndication.

If we're lucky, he knows that.