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My thoughts on Supernatural's future--spoilery

Sigh.  So, I just read a brief interview with Jared, where he talks a little bit about what's left of season 4, will there be a season 5, and a possible direction for the end.  And, quite frankly, it all makes me want to just cry. 

First, the CW itself won't give them a specific answer about renewal yet, just a vague 'well, make those last 5 eps of this season really great...'

Second, Kripke says via Jared's interpretation that if they do get canceled, everyone dies.

Third, well, there isn't a third.  Jeez, aren't the first two traumatizing enough??

Y'know, I get all the reasons and hesitations from the CW (budget, will they even be around, blah blah).  And I get Kripke, too, he's never promised an end to this beautiful, very often tragic show that was happy and filled with hugs and puppies.  I understand, it's about telling his story, about being consistent with all the loss and death and truth of the hunter's life.  There are often hints:  Dean's said more than once that things will end sad and/or bloody.  And usually, I'm okay with a show making those decisions to go out with bang, change things up, kill characters, etc.--it's all about the drama, the story.



This show?  About these characters?  I am so deeply, emotionally involved, I can't even think about them ending.  And yeah, I know, it's probably unhealthy, and unrealistic, and...y'know what?  I just don't care.  My head gets it.  My heart is going to *shatter* into bits no matter when Supernatural finishes its run.

I'm just asking, Mr. Kripke, no, man, I'm *begging*:

Please, please, don't kill the boys.  Please, their lives have been so filled with pain and loss and sadness and grief, if anyone deserves to survive, to get a least a little happiness, it's Dean and Sam.  And they both have to be alive, and have each other.  Because *you* said it's all about the brothers' relationship.  I'll even take an ending where they're still out there, hunting and living on the edge, because then I can believe that they'll be the exception to the rule, that hunting won't end their lives before their time, sudden, bloody, and there's always that chance they'll find some happiness.

I just can't think any other way.  Damn, damn, damn all of you, for making a show that wonderful, that full of heart, to get inside me and make me care so much that it hurts. 

*clings and cries some more*

God, I'm pathetic.  Sigh.

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