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ARGGGHH! I fell on my BAD KNEE!!

I can't believe I just fell on my bad knee, the one that I hit so hard that it tore cartilage, the one that just had surgery in December, the one that I'm still doing special exercises for and can't bend and crouch down 100% yet and I just fell on it!  =:-O

I was moving paintings that were in plastic and it was slippery and heavy and they fell out of my hands and I went to grab them and lost my balance and fell right on the floor on my bad left knee.  It hurt.  :-(

At least this part of the studio is carpeted.  I scared my poor boss--cause we need more insanity today, a day we're opening a show and things are chaotic anyway.  He got me a pillow to elevate my knee and my ice pack, and I sat for 15 minutes and then got up and took some aspirin.  I hope I headed off any really bad effects.  My orthopedic doctor's going to have a heart attack when I see him in 2 weeks...

*whimpers forlornly*

I never put much stock into Friday the 13th stuff (not the movie, the actual superstition ;-) but jeez, this day is really trying to change my mind!  :-P
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