One Moment of Clarity (clarity159) wrote,
One Moment of Clarity

Kim Manners' passing

*joins all the voices expressing sorrow and shock at the passing of Supernatural producer and director, Kim Manners*

Jim Beaver, bless him, posted the news and I thank him for letting us know even in his grief and even if it was not his intent to include the fans of Supernatural.

The most resounding thought I've read and heard is that no one knew he was sick, myself included.  Not that any of it is our business, but he was/is part of the 'Supernatural family' that we are so dearly fond of--and for myself, I have known his work since the X Files--and I'm glad we could know and therefore send thoughts, prayers, memories and love to Kim's family, friends and his family in the cast and crew of Supernatural.  My condolences for your loss. 

Just a pic of Kim in the midst of directing a scene from "Scarecrow."  Peace, Kim.

(Thanks, for the image)

I haven't posted here in a while, I'll try to do better.
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