One Moment of Clarity (clarity159) wrote,
One Moment of Clarity

Finally got my couple of good vids from Chicago up on YouTube--I'm in Row A, so they're fairly close and clear!

I never know if links are better, or just imbed in LJ??

Let me know...

In the meantime:

Jared answering the question about working with Peter O'Toole and dancing a bit like how Peter demonstrated a dance for him, hee.

Jared starts to answer a question about Sam having sex with Ruby, and is, as he puts it, "saved by the Dean," when Jensen makes his grand entrance (by falling face first onto the stage--heee!!), then there's a bit of J2 fun as Jensen pretends to throw Jared's hat into the audience, then finds himself a chair.

Hope you all enjoy!  Feel free to pass on the links.  :-)

Tags: chicago, jared, jensen, vids
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