One Moment of Clarity (clarity159) wrote,
One Moment of Clarity

Can anyone do their job, Part the second

Once more, with feeling:


Remember that shipment?  Well, after all the calls, emails, discussion, price quotes, late hours etc., the artist decided that he'd rather not send it after all, thanks very much.

*bangs head on wall*

And then, I spent 2 and a half hours at my work bank, (we got hit by Visa fraud, bah....), filling out forms, etc., and this the second round of them--to find out that the new Visa and checks that I thought the other bank employee had ordered....hadn't.  I'm a BUSINESS!  How am I supposed to deal with bills, etc. without checks?!  I do some things online, yes, but...I still need those other things.  Turns out they don't have the checks I like anyway, so I ordered them online, but I had to pay extra to get them here in a few days.  :-P  And one of the forms needs to be signed by my boss...who is in Dubai.  For a fudging month.  They did decide to accept a scanned/emailed signature until he returns and they can get the original document, so that is helpful. 

And, it's going to be another night I don't get home until 8pm or after...


But, tomorrow's Thursday!!  Supernatural Day!  Dean Day!  Sam Day!  Whee!

*claps hands, twirls*
Tags: job stress, supernatual
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