One Moment of Clarity (clarity159) wrote,
One Moment of Clarity

Why isn't anything working out today???!!!

*Charlie Brown scream*


Nobody is being cooperative at work today.  A shipping company that I've been telling for WEEKS that these crates need to be in Dubai by next week, just casually informed me that maybe, if I'm lucky, they'll get picked up on FRIDAY.  WTH?!!  What part of DUBAI didn't get through??  =:-O

Now the artist, the artist rep, the receiving gallery and my boss are all going to mad at, you guessed it, me.  *sigh*

And, that's not the only thing going wrong, but it's my biggest frustration today.  *mutters*

Well, I can sit here and be cranky, or I can go get my lunch and hope when they call back they'll have some better news for me.  At least the weather's nice today--70 degrees, cool and sunny, 40s expected tonight.

*trudges off to Panera for soup*
Tags: frustration, job stress
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