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24 October 2008 @ 12:07 pm
Last night's ep, 4.6 quick thought  
In reading over others' thoughts on ep. 4.6...oh, for Pete's sake!

The biggest issue that everyone seems to be discussing is who is a dick and who isn't??  Dean is a dick.  Sam is a dick.  Dean isn't.  Sam isn't.  Dean sometimes acts like one.  Sam sometimes acts like one. 

Aaarrrgggh!!  There was other stuff going on, but I can't believe that one issue is generating so much commentary--yes, people are entitled to their opinions, of course, and can state them until the cows come home, just my two cents on the volume of Dick Discussion. 

And, I'll agree that it was a mighty poor choice of character trait as reason for contracting the ghost sickness.  And, I'm not too sure about these new writers--thank goodness they weren't trusted with the really big issues of what happened to Dean in hell--though they touched on it with Dean's last hallucinations of Lilith, and Sam as YEDSam! 

A big shout-out to Jensen Ackles who did amazing work last night, showing Dean's fears as both hysterically funny and poignant. 

Shallowly:  the final scene, both boys leaning on the car in the sunshine, just beautiful to look at.

Of course, the totally awesome special vid at the end, "Eye of the Tiger" lip sync--ah, Jensen, I'm gonna stop believing those "shy" and "reserved" tags if you keep doin' stuff like that, LOL!  What do you bet he's hell at karaoke and that's his song of choice?  Or maybe Guitar Hero.  Heeee, it's a fun time at the Padalecki house Saturday nights:  beer and Jensen on Guitar Hero!  Heeeee!
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nifer: sam queeberquabbler on October 24th, 2008 05:30 pm (UTC)
Yeah, the wank is reaching new heights this season, isn't it? So annoying.
when you can't get through it you can listen to itsj0126 on October 24th, 2008 05:38 pm (UTC)
yeah as soon as they said that on the show, i knew all the dean girls on TWOP were gonna friggin lose their heads but i was hoping I was wrong..nope. that's all they were discussing last night in the episode thread. i'm not even going in there right now or i'm gonna get pissed.

the thing is, sam never actually said he WAS a dick. all he said was that maybe the ghost thought he was acting like one more than sam, but its all about perception. people see sam and dean way different than who they actually are. it was just an option, though. i personally think maybe theres something about dean coming back from hell and whatnot that made him get infected. for some reason, i don't think its the demon blood is in sam thing. they seemed to be hinting..maybe..that theres something happening there. not like crazy powers or anything, but it makes sense that something would maybe be different about dean if he came back.
gwen stacygwendolynmstacy on October 25th, 2008 12:57 am (UTC)