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Jared in The Christmas Cottage...

So...hypothetically speaking...I might have hypothetically seen "The Christmas Cottage,"  And, I have some hypothetical opinions...hypothetical spoilers, of course.

Hope this works, first attempt at a 'cut!'  Eeep.

Here's some space, just in case, and an advance apology if it doesn't!  Ack.

Spoilery, Christmasy, Jaredy stuff:.

First, I must say that Jared as Thomas Kinkade is so pretty in this movie, it's difficult to think about what's happening in his scenes!  I think it's the hair--it's longish, very thick with a slight wave, and it's combed over his forehead and makes him look like the gentle, young, sweet college kid he's supposed to.  Honestly, I just wanted to run my hands through it.  Sheesh.  Someday, they're going to take away my "Deangirl/JensenFan" membership card for squeeing so much over Jared--that, or they'll make me a Special Twosome Membership offer.  And, I'll take it.  Hee.  I also love the red scarf, it's a good color on him.

I have read the book--and it's very similar, but since the movie's about 90 minutes, some things are cut, and I actually think they would have been better left in, just for some more character work not just for the townspeople, but with Thom and his brother Pat, and college girlfriend Hope, and past girlfriend from the town, Nanette.  The story itself is basically a glorified Lifetime Movie, and I say that nicely, because I think it's better suited to a small screen--and the holidays.  It's got a sweetness to it--plenty of sentimental dialogue that is totally saved by the understated, terrific acting of Jared and Marcia Gay Harden, it's full of sentiment without being sappy at least by them (Aaron Ashmore is fine as brother Pat, but doesn't get as much to do, and it's too bad, he and Jared seemed good together).  Peter O'Toole, well, he's very good, but very over the top--I guess he was dramatic because he was playing an artist--but I've worked in the art world a long time, and while some artists are like that, many aren't, so, I dunno... 

But, Jared and Peter also have a lovely chemistry, there are two, just amazing scenes with only them--O'Toole plays the well known painter that lives across the field from Thom, and has always mentored him in his art.  When Thom comes home for Christmas, he goes to see Glen, who while they never said seems to suffer from both arthritis and perhaps Alzheimer's/dementia? or Parkinson's?  And isn't always present and coherent.  He is also very sad from losing the love of his life, and has been trying to paint her for years and not succeeding.  Anyway, when Thom sees him for the first time in a while, Glen reaches up and gently touches Thom's face, his fingers curled around because the arhritis has bent them, then when starts to put his hand back at his side, it shakes badly, and Thom takes tight hold of Glen's hand and just clings for a bit, a simple gesture that tells you how much Thom cares for and is worried about his friend.  The second is much later in the movie, and Jared is so wonderful in this scene, I wasn't surprised, because I think the potential and hints at this kind of work have been in Supernatural all along, but he really shines here--again, it's a visit to Glen, and Thom has abruptly left the Christmas pageant (he'd painted the animals shapes for the annual program, but it was hot in the church and the wax paint melted and he was told that he'd ruined everything :-(  Anyway, with them about to lose their house, and their mom with no job, he and Pat had Christmastime jobs, but not enough money and no help from their well meaning but deadbeat dad--Thom is at his lowest point.  He's sad and tired and desperate and alone and he goes to Glen for some kind of solace, and to beg him for some kind of help, and to come back to him.  Glen is sitting in his chair, in the dark, just staring.  Thom lights the candle he brought from church, and crouches down at Glen's side.  He does this simple monologue, telling him how alone he feels, how poor, that he cannot even give a gift to the man who's always been there for him, and pleading with Glen to feel the light within himself and paint one more time.  His voice is soft and rough with tears, he is quiet and sincere, and finally the tears just roll down his cheeks, but he keeps talking, never whining or screechy, just so quiet and desperate and sorrowful that he even had to go to Glen with this.  You just want to hug him and comfort him.  I watched the scene 3 times, it's my favorite, and Jared, I say 'bravo' for some really lovely work there--you've said you get into the emotional scenes (in reference to a Supernatural interview question), and it's obvious here, too.

I am no fan of Kinkade's works--but I really enjoyed this as a nice little Christmas movie.  Hypothetically speaking, of course.  I will be there to buy my dvd in November! 

If anyone's got any hypothetical questions, glad to answer them.  ;-)
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