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Someone asked what has been his worst fan experience—Jared replied that mostly everyone’s been very nice, but he’s had a few “butt-grabbers”—and that he just thinks, ‘c’mon, really??’  He didn’t sound freaked out, but that he really didn’t like it.  My thoughts:  I can’t believe anyone would think butt grabbing would be okay to do to Jared (or any one that didn’t understand the question, the implications and the other person’s answer!)—I don’t know why someone would believe, just because Jared is a public person that would make it all right.  It isn’t.  It’s rude, and stuff like that just makes Jared (and Jensen, or any actor) possibly eventually decide that they need bodyguards, or not interact with their fans, or stop doing conventions—and his polite, respectful fans end up getting punished for the acts of just a very few, who are only thinking of their own selfish desires.  Have all the naughty thoughts you want, just please don’t act on them, unless they invite you first. Thanks. /rant   


Someone asked about wardrobe for Sam, in particular about a shirt that Sam wears that I guess some fans refer to as the “maternity shirt.”  Hee.  I honestly don’t know which shirt they meant, so if anyone knows, please share a description or pic!  Thanks! Jared responded about how the guys don’t have much money, so they don’t have many clothing choices (my thought:  though with all the fighting/dying/bleeding you’d think they’d have to shop more often…).  He also said that what he wears as Sam is partially dictated by what Jensen is wearing as Dean (and vice versa), i.e. if Sam is in a dark shirt, then Dean’s shirt will be light colored, so they’ll contrast.  Interesting behind the scenes tidbit.


Someone asked about tattoos—he doesn’t have any, he likes them, but just has never decided what to get for himself.





Can control his daughter’s computer remotely—she was playing a game while he was at Eyecon and he signed on and kept moving the cursor and messing around with the game while she was playing, like a father should do to his kid, hee!


Jim announced his engagement to Jared. Hee!  He said that in response to a question about what it was like for Bobby to have to grab and restrain Sam from attacking Dean in 4.1—indirectly commenting on Jared’s size and strength vs. Jim’s, to which Jim replied that the “worst” part of the scene was waiting for it to be ready to shoot, he had to stand there with his arms around Jared and just hold on to him until it was time.  He said after all the time they spent in that position, well…”Jared and I are engaged!  We’re registered at Home Depot.”  Bwa ha ha!  Oh, Jim also said that the first time he was at Eyecon he didn’t know what ‘slash’ was, but now he does, and called the slash fans, ‘sick puppies,’ but in a teasing way.  Heh.


(Note:  friend Montana and I were getting autographs on behalf of a charity auction other friends sponsor on their official Michael Shanks site--they're SPN fans, too and always have a bunch of SPN related stuff, it benefits the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada—they’ve raised $79,000 total so far—if you want to visit their site, and keep up for the next auction, go here: and fyi, we paid for all the autographs, though Chad “Big Damn Hero” Lindberg donated and signed five of his own photos for the auction, besides the one photo I had bought—he’s awesome!) Jim missed a bit of our explanation and thought we were doing an auction to benefit Canada the country. Hee!


But, I digress...We asked Jim about why Dean slept on the floor and Sam on the couch, when it sure looked like Bobby had plenty of other rooms and a linen closet full of sheets...Jim offered that Bobby likely had too many things in the other rooms that he didn't want the boys to see, in a sort of 'nudge nudge wink' way--hee. I suggested perhaps Bo Derek was one of them, which I think both amused and alarmed Jim. He did seem a bit flummoxed himself, like perhaps it just dawned that "hey, why *didn't* the boys stay in a spare room of Bobby's??" and came up with his answer on the spot. In his Q&A he also mentioned that Bobby's kitchen moved from where it used to be in the house, and when Jim commented on it, was told that "no one would notice." The crowd laughed hysterically and Jim pretty much rolled his eyes, like he wanted to say to them, "yeah, *of course* they're going to notice!"

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