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Eyecon report, part the first, aka, Jared!



Honey, I’m home!  Eyecon was so very fun—I drove up for the weekend (I live southeast about 3 hours away), stayed with friends who live in Orlando—all Supernatural fans.  Also got to see janglyjewels again (yay!) and Candi (yay, again!)!  I’m going to slowly but surely post about the Con, guests, hotel and vendors’ room notes.  Overall, I had a great, great time. 


JARED first, of course.  ;-)


Looked lovely:  pretty, longish hair (much nicer than whatever goo the hairdresser on the crew insists on putting in it)—a Sam blue plaid shirt, Sam grey T shirt, Sam jeans, Sam belt, Sam boots, Sam underwear, all ‘liberated’ from the show over the course of 3 seasons so far—only item of his own were the Jared socks!  Hee!


Becky’s (janglyjewels on LJ, Sister Spooky on TWOP) presentation to Jared of the book made up of 200+ convention photo ops portraying Jared (and occasionally Jensen) being a lovely good sport with his fans was wonderful.  She had a beautiful hardcover book made on online after collecting and organizing all the pictures, names and cities/countries.  At first, she asked if anyone wanted to donate thru PayPal to help defray the cost of the book, and it was paid for almost immediately—from there, Becky came up with the idea to take anything monies above costs and donate it to the Animal Rescue Site in Jared’s name—as we know his own dogs and pets in general have an important place in his heart.  Every $10 donated paid for a dog to get vaccinated for bordetella, keeping them healthier and more adoptable.  That went along swimmingly, when the next inspiration was to auction some SPN related things and those profits all would directly go into the ‘kitty’ (hee!) for the ARS’s dogs.  Long amazing story short:  $5,000 was donated to the site in Jared’s name!  The lovely and talented faninohio crafted an oversized check to present to Jared, there was an official certificate, from ARS, I believe, and fan also made a card with every donor’s name on it to present to Jared.  Becky got to go up on stage at the beginning of Jared’s Sunday Q&A (and deservedly so, much, much more so than a certain presentation that took up valuable time in Jim Beaver’s Q&A on Saturday.  Just sayin’.), gave a beautiful, heartfelt speech about the origins of the book, who and what was involved, and thanking him for being so wonderful and kind and fun for his fans.  She gave him the book, the card, certificate, portraits of Jared’s dogs Sadie and Harley (and Jared himself) and the ‘check’ representing the donation.  Jared was absolutely floored, blown away by everything—he listened carefully to everything Becky said, a very intent look on his face, and I think was feeling a bit overwhelmed by what became an amazing gesture of love and care from his fans.  When Becky was finished, she explained that everyone who’d donated and was at Eyecon got a purple bracelet of a 100 sent to her from the ARS, and for us all to hold our hands and wave so Jared could see.  We all cheered and some yelled ‘we love you Jared,’ and he got a kick out of that, too.  Becky got a big hug (and a smooch on the cheek)—a hug that went on long enough I think so he could show Becky how he felt about her, ALL of us, too and have her absorb and be able to pass on later how he felt about it.  More cheering and clapping ensued (oh, and the host Dizzy came up and helped Jared juggle everything and show the portraits—he joked after about how he had a gift for Jared, too, some Listermint tabs, and I think partly he did it to give Jared a chance to organize his thoughts—Jared took the Listermint and then sort of blew a kiss to Dizzy—ha!).  It did take Jared a minute or two to process everything, he took a quick look at the book, and then asked to pass them to someone to hold while he talked.  When Voni (Con organizer with Kenny) came up to the stage to get it, he pretended to cling to it and growled (with a smile) “Don’t touch this!”  Hee.  And, awwww!  He then talked about how shocked he was, and explained that he’d how he got on the plane yesterday (Saturday) with no sleep, flew for 8 hours, no sleep, to spend about 14 hours in Orlando with no sleep, then fly back to work with no sleep, and "what's my motivation again?" But he smiled when he said—not he doesn’t want to go to cons and see fans, but he was mighty, mighty tired.  But then he said that we do something like this and it keeps him going and he remembers why—then he remarked that he was surrounded by people cooler than him. 


Jared did confirm that he and Jensen live together—and laughingly remarked, “let me squash all the fantasies right now” explaining that Jensen lives downstairs and “I live up.”  He did say they ‘dance and cook and clean’—heeee! But in reality as he explained, their bodyguard Cliff apparently does the cooking and cleaning (at least Cliff grills and has a cute apron, hee) and both guys clean, and that Jensen is a pretty clean guy.  Heh.  I guess my imagining Jared chasing Jensen, shouting “Dude, use a coaster!” might not be so far-fetched.  Ha!  He explained that Jensen’s previous place with a buddy something happened and he lost it (I am not clear what happened here, will listen to my video again, but not sure if something happened between Jensen and the roommate, or with the building and both residents were bumped, just don’t know—anyway…), and Jared said, hey man, why don’t you just move in with me, all things considered—they’ve always got along, so why not.  He said it was nice that he could just come home and say he was going to sleep and Jensen’s feelings don’t get hurt, and Jensen can just say he’s going to crash, and Jared says okay I’ll just play Nintendo or guitar by myself, with 2 tears…heee!!  He said so far after 7 ½ episodes it’s fine, but after a year or two he might be buying Jensen his own house and telling him to get out, ha!


Jared loves cereal.  He’s got Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fruity Pebbles and a third cereal that I can’t recall on his shelf right now, he said he loves the sugary cereals, (not a surprise, eh?).  J  He also said he doesn’t eat much at home, over 3 years, most of the milk he’s had in the fridge has gone bad without him drinking more than a glass—he tends to just wait till he’s at work.


Someone congratulated him on his engagement to Jim Beaver (Jim announced it on Saturday—hee—they’re registered at Home Depot), he laughed and said he heard that he was engaged to both Jim and Nicki, and did a comparison of the two:  Nicki’s beautiful, Jim’s a dude, Nicki’s talented, Jim’s a dude (very funny the way he said that Jim’s a dude), but he conceded that Jim’s got more facial hair than Nicki so Jim wins that round—but Jared said he’s not sure he wants more facial hair.  


He and Jensen were pranked by their stand-ins with one of the oldest pranks in the book—sounded very funny, it’s a classic for a reason, hee!  They filmed a scene for Sam and Dean doing surveillance (no spoiler on the ep info) where they were using binoculars (yup, you know where it’s going), and Jared was turned away from Jensen, both were looking through the binoculars, then Jared turned to look at Jensen, who had lowered the binoculars, and he had black rings around his eyes, Jared did, too, and they laughed about it, Jared said Jensen looked like Dracula with it (eh? Maybe a Goth Dracula).


He wants Supernatural to end like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in Bolivia, just freeze frame (he said the same thing in the recent Buddy TV interview, with Jensen chiming in with “Thelma & Louise”).  Everyone booed—so Jared tried ‘Sam kills Dean’—more booing—Dean kills Sam, more boos—Bobby kills Sam and Dean—cheers!  Bweee!  So there, Jared!  Killing off the brothers at the end of the series is a Really. Bad. Idea.  If Kripke does it, I am going to lead that angry mob…  Just kidding.  Sort of.


He asked what everyone thought of the first two eps and was delighted when everyone cheered (I bet he goes back to the set and reports, hey, we got a thumbs up from Eyecon!)


Just an observation from me:  Jared has made one than one offhand comment about watching a former ep or other video on Supernatural—he’s remarked on wanting to watch the season 2 gag reel again, that he hadn’t seen it in a while, and this past weekend at Eyecon he was asked what his favorite thing about SPN was, and he said it was playing the relationship between Sam and Dean.  He mentioned that he was watching an episode commentary by Sera Gamble where she talked about it.  I think it’s very interesting that he goes back and watches Supernatural episodes and the gag reel, and not always for research on a current/future episode.  Spending so much time and energy and dedication to the show while filming might make actors run the other way on their time off, wanting to watch anything but the show that is their day job, and I think it’s very cool that Jared also seems to be a fan of his own show enough to want to watch it when he might not have to.  I’d venture a guess that it’s part because he just simply enjoys it on its own merits, and because these are his friends/family/brother involved and he wants to support and keep up on all their work/aspects of the show.  

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