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The Wait is Over....

....almost!  Just about eight hours left to get through before 9pm eastern time!

It's Winchester Day!  Dean Day!  Sam Day!  Bobby Day and Metallicar Day! 

*runs around in circles, shrieking with excitement*

Finally!  FINALLY!  The season 4 premiere is here--I honestly don't know what I'm more excited about:  the first time Dean sees Sam, or the first time Dean sees Metallicar, LOL!

I am mostly spoiler free--man, has it been hard, SPN fandom has been a minefield, especially in the last few days with all the reviews and previews lurking about!  =:-O  It's scary how much I love this show, and have been looking forward to seeing it again--I watch other shows, but none of them own my heart and yes, soul, like Supernatural does (though we know how those deals go ;-)   *hugs her show fiercely*

"Yay, it's lunchtime!"

*waves and races back to work*
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