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It makes me happy, it just does

It inspired the Squee Heard 'Round the World...

So from this article about the impending reports of Buddy TV visiting the Supernatural set, we find out that Jensen and Jared live together now.  Most likely in Jared's house.  They joked about who's lazier in the mornings.  Not sure who, I've read in some interviews that they've both missed their share of flights to LA oversleeping.  Hee.  

Pretty amazing.  They seem to be brotherly friends, with no animosity to speak of, probably just the occasional tiff that occurs between people who spend a lot of time with each other.  They spend the majority of 5 days a week together, averaging 12-14 hour days, by virtue of their jobs.  Yet they've chosen to also spend some part of their off time together, also.  I really can't picture them doing laundry or cooking together, except possibly the occasional barbecue ;-) but they must really feel like family, with all the friendship and support and fun that goes with that.  I wish I could be more coherent, but it just makes me smile with glee that the close relationship and powerful chemistry of the Winchester brothers on screen is echoed by an offscreen friendship that is as caring and loving--it wasn't forged in fire and blood like that of Dean and Sam, but it is as strong and steady and solid as the one fashioned by Eric Kripke.  It seems meant to be, that if Supernatural didn't supply the opportunity to become friends/family, they would have found their way to each other somehow, and it will likely stand the test of time and Hollywood, long after the Winchester family saga comes to a close (*cries*).

I wonder if the reason Jensen moved in with Jared was that he was already spending most of his evenings and weekends there anyway, watching sports and drinking beer and studying his lines, and finally Jared just shrugged and threw him a housekey and the electric bill.  Hee!   I don't know if they're both comfy and sort of sloppy, or if one is really neat and the other is the messy one, but it's fun to speculate; I have a mental picture of Jared chasing a beer bottle holding Jensen through the house, shouting, "Dude, for the last time, use a coaster!"  LOL.

This is just my speculation, I truly haven't a clue what either boy is like or why they do anything, let alone decide to become roommates.  It's just something shiny to squee about, it makes me happy to see such a lovely friendship in anyone, not just Jensen and Jared.

*sighs, and squees some more*

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