August 15th, 2008

heat of the moment

Dean points out my shiny new layout and says talk, dude, it's time for a new post!

*waves*  Hey y'all, time for a real post.  Time to give thanks.  Time to introduce myself a bit. *looks around*  Oh, right, there's a profile page.  Well, maybe some of this will move over there, eventually!

*stares at Shiny Pretty Layout*  Thank you PQ dear for my fabulous layout, and for all the LJ advice and friends and all.  It definitely *is* because you're awesome. ;-D *smishes*  I really appreciate it!

Thank you, Katie, for stopping by and being so excited that I'm here--your welcome means a lot!  *group smish with PQ*

Thanks, rowana, for giving me a push to LJ, I really like it and I hope you have fun here, too.  If you have any questions, I/we will try to help.  :-)

Hey, Becky-janglyjewels, thanks for the welcome!  and Lisa!  Yay, I thought it was you!  :-D

I will probably talk about all kinds of stuff, but honestly, this is mostly a place for me to be fannish:  I've been a fan for a long time (possibly since the dinosaurs roamed the earth)--I enjoy many TV shows and movies, and some actors from those, but only a very, very few have ever inspired me to step from 'casual viewer' to 'focused and dedicated.'  Previous fannish choices have been Miami Vice, X Files, Stargate SG1Roswell, Alien Nation, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Star Wars and Highlander.  Favorite actors--then and now, I rarely give up following an actor's career completely, even if the 'focus and dedicated' part fades--David Duchovny, Brendan Fehr, Peter Wingfield, Ewan MacGregor, Orlando Bloom, Michael Shanks.  Hmm, I see a trend here: they're a feisty, fun, fine looking bunch.  If you're wondering who has been 'retired'--Don Johnson, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson.  'Nuff said.

These days, though, while I still enjoy all of the above, nothing and no one has my focus and dedication more than the show Supernatural, main actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, and their creator/producer/writer, Eric Kripke.  I fervantly appreciate their talent, hard work, easygoing-down to earthness and yes, beauty.  I won't carry on too much about them here, since I'll likely be back to post about various aspects of the show, actors, writers and so on.  I've been to two Supernatural conventions, the first Chicago Creation con and the first EyeCon in Orlando (I'll be going to both of those again).  In fact, the pretty picture in my header was taken at the Chicago con Sunday breakfast, by me; we had the table right in front of the little stage.  "The boys" stood practically right in front of me, so even my little camera managed some good pics!  This is an early pic, they still have their coats on and even though you can't see it, Jensen has a cup of coffee in his hand.  :-)  And, I am of one of two co-hosts for the Supernatural podcast "Winchester Radio"--Katie is the other, and our main host is PQ--we have a rowdy, really fun time, talking about the show, the characters, the acting, etc. We speak our mind, but try to be honest and constructive in our criticism.  And, Katie and I have been known, on occasion, to lull PQ to sleep...hee!!!

Me, personally--in Real Life I manage a veryveryvery busy artist's studio (collage; he's in 50+ museums, is also a writer, critic, lecturer).  Recent projects include consulting for a new Dubai gallery and a coffee table book of collected reviews by the artist and edited by me.  I used to edit for a southern based arts magazine, until I decided I needed a little spare time back.  Which I promptly bargained off to edit for're a Supernatural site! ;-)  I've got enough real life for 2 people, which is why I enjoy my fannish stuff when I can.  :-D  I refuse to apologize for being a fan of media and science fiction--don't poke fun at me going to a convention in my "Winchester Brothers: Fighting Evil Since 1983" T shirt when you go shirtless in freezing weather at an NFL football game with your bare chest painted green and yellow and a big piece of fake cheese on your head. (fyi: I like football, too)  We're alike, you and I--it's just that the fannish costumes are a little different.  ;-)

*reads over entry*  Hmm, mighty chatty, but that's how it goes some days.

Back soon, and in the meantime, if you so desire, bring me some pie (comments) me some pie (comments)!