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Tropical Storm Fay is one weird weather event.  Slow, messy, it finally wandered ashore near Naples, Florida early this morning, and continued meandering through the state, going north/northeast, happily raining all over us and providing lots of wind, enough to spawn a whole bunch of tornado warnings.  They freak me out more than the storm itself, with all the noise from Fay anyway, you can't hear the telltale 'freight train' sound of a tornado.  A few actually touched down and caused a bunch of damage, including wrecking one of the barns at the Equine Clinic in Wellington.  There was one horse in the barn at the time, a black breeding mare named Onyx, who the overnight technician found wandering around the courtyard after the tornado went through, completely unscathed and perfectly calm.  Yay, Onyx, you go, girl!  No other horses or people were hurt, thank goodness, but the barn's a mess! 

Anyway, I'm so over having this storm--rain, rain, wind, wind, rain some more.  Stayed home from work, it's a long 20 miles in this kind of weather, but still got plenty done via email and text.  Boy, I surely love my new phone, the LG EnV2, it opens up into a little qwerty keyboard and makes texting really easy.  :-)  Great way to deal with my boss, he loves it, too.

Okay, I've had enough of these storm posts.

Talking Supernatural is much more fun!  I saw an icon today, for more than one LJ poster, that is actually spoilery for season 4 premiere--the only ep so far that I'm spoiled for this season.  I just love it, it's a detail of one of the pics, and I, too, want it for an icon.  But, I was waiting until the ep aired so it wouldn't spoil anyone!  Oh, well.  It doesn't really give anything big away.  But it sure is lovely...  I am so ready for Supernatural to start right now, I miss it so much.  About one more month to go!  I'm rewatching season 2, to distract me/fill the time/get ready for the season 3 dvds release on Sept. 2, next ep up is Born Under a Bad Sign.  Awesome ep for Sam, and for Sam and Dean, and a nice final farewell for Jo.

And PQ, Katie and I are likely cranking up Winchester Radio for a random, fun podcast this weekend, will post day/time here when we're sure. 

Off to watch "Eureka"--I really like that show.
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