One Moment of Clarity (clarity159) wrote,
One Moment of Clarity

*glares at Tropical Storm Fay* Here we go again...

Aw, man, guess we just got too complacent with no hurricanes the last 3 years, because here comes Tropical Storm likely Hurricane by Monday Fay to remind us that a storm can show up anytime it feels like it.  Tropical Storm Fay is annoying Cuba at the moment with high winds and rain, and the mountains are causing it to disorganize a bit, but that's going to change when it gets back out over the warm water in the Florida Straits.  At the moment, the Dreaded Cone of Probability (never say the word "Cone" to a Floridian unless it's got ice cream on it) has the center track going over Tampa, but east of that all of Florida is in the cone.  We're watching the weather reports and checking the NOAA site maps and crossing our fingers that it won't strengthen too much and not that I wish to be a bad neighbor and send the storm to Tampa, I really think we've had our share recently with Frances, Jeanne and Wilma all passing right over my house in south Florida, 2004 and 2005.  It was no fun at all, and I don't care to repeat the whole "no power, no water, leaks, trees down" thing.  And we can't forget that Charlie was supposed to go up the west coast over Tampa, but just to prove all the hurricane forecasts wrong, it made a totally unexpected jog east and went over the state through Orlando, just where all the Tampa people had evacuated to...surprise!  =:-O

Anyway, tomorrow we'll check the caulking in the windows one more time, inventory the batteries and snacks, and keep checking the storm advisories.

Will update y'all tomorrow.  Good wishes happily accepted...

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