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Merry Christmas--Happy Holidays--Season's Greetings...!

This is my holiday card that I sent out in the mail this year--it was in a red border/silver snowflake card holder--I sent one to the Supernatural offices (I taped it down as a postcard) and they hung it up along with all the other wonderful cards sent as part of the SPN Postcard campaign.  Here's a pic of it hanging up there--it's from the spn postcards community, I cannot get LJ to take the links in the usual way, so here's just a cut and paste (sorry):

and encourage y'all to send postcards for a welcome back in January 2010 and best wishes while they're filming the 100th ep!  Also, in honor of the 100th ep, the podcast/website I work with--Winchester Radio and doing a fundraiser for A Dog's Life Rescue with a FirstGiving page set up--our goal is $5,000, over $1,800 has been raised so far--woooo!  Donors' names are all put in for a monthly prize--just donate, and one name will be drawn each month until the 100th ep airs (likely March).

DO NOT repost either of these photographs--please go to the spn postcards LJ community itself,
link above to see pics and join!  :-)  Thanks!

Hope everyone has a safe, happy, peaceful Christmas!

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