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A Little SamSpam with Jared and whipped cream on top for PQ's birthday...

A Happy Birthday picspam for darling PQ--hope part 2 of birthday is as good/better than part 1! Some Jared, some Sam, one with that other guy whose name starts with J ;-) and one Brock (with little Sam). Oh, and some Hobbits--ha! All of it pretty! One Jared for a preview, rest after the cut... *big smishy hugs*

Look! It's Aragorn and the Hobbits! Hee!

Hey, how'd he get in here? ;-)

The End...(hee!):

(Pics from Mon, TV Guide, Friday the 13th premiere, screen caps likely from Oxoniensis, CW promos, and a couple I don't know, but no credit to me...)

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