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Yup, it's my far, so good!

As far as birthdays go, this one is turning out to be lovely (and hopefully, the fun is just beginning, my birthdays tend to meander for the month, celebrating with various friends who also have birthdays later this month, and I'm always happy to hear from folks whenever they can!)

This day started out with Happy Birthday sung to me by my mom--who has a great voice (oh, why couldn't I have inherited some of that!), and a big thank you and much love to her for all she is and does for me.  :-)

And next, at work, I got an awesome cake (above) from boss, who knows my favorite band of all time is Guns n' Roses, and made sure I had a suitably decorated cake (told a funny story about convincing the bakery it was okay to draw "guns" on my cake, hee!), and he, his wife and her dad all came to work with cake, a rose and presents--eeeee!  So thoughtful of them, even in amongst our crazy work lives.  *hugs them*

And a fellow Virgo called from work to make sure I knew she remembered, even though there's even more work craziness there, too...

Yup.  It's my birthday.  *iz happy*

(Oh, and a shout out and smishes to Becky, who got the full photo op of Men Wearing Winchester Bros/Winchester Radion podcast hats at the Vancouver con, and PQ, who made awesome icons from it!  Eeeeee!!)

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