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SPN season 5 promo and spoilery thinky thoughts....

Promo that was first on Kristen's E! site and here via SF Universe--and then just a few guesses/thoughts of mine... :-)

Eeeeeeeeee!!! I'm so excited! We've had at least 3 promos lately, and this is the best one--I love the song, too, so perfect and mournful and ethereal, I know the title, "Oh, Death" but not the artist. And how cool, Castiel throwing one lit match and it turns into many, and who is the man in the wheelchair? And homg, Jo and Rufus torturing Sam!!! *faints* Sera talked about how Sam will get taken but Dean will have his first responsibility to others and he can't just drop it and run to save Sam, and poor Sam. And, poor Jo and Rufus and when Dean gets hold of them! And I'm so glad to see Jo and Rufus and I know Ellen's there somewhere, too. :-) And I just know that's Sam in the white suit with the white shoe on Dean's neck, and he's the Antichrist (or something) in the future ep that's the post Apocalyptic ep--when I first read that Dean goes to the future (which I'm betting is the Trickster's work), I wondered why Dean again and not Sam? And then I guessed that it was because Sam would be the main character in the future part of the ep, and he'd be the leader and likely bringer of the Apocalypse. Jared's going to rock that part, he loves Evil!Sam, and I know it's going to be upsetting, but such great stuff for both boys to do. And, him in the white suit? Totally Jesse Custer--the main character from the amazing and brutal comic book series Preacher. I was just talking about Jared making a great Jesse to a comic book store guy a couple weeks ago, and he said that I wasn't the first he'd heard say that--and he so looks the part in that scene. Though while Jesse does some bad things, he's basically a very good guy--and he almost always wears a white suit (because he's the preacher part). Jared's got the right mix of toughness and chivalry and emotion to be Jesse, and they're both Texas boys.  (I highly recommend Preacher, there is some similar angel/demony stuff, but it is a rough, rough, brutal read--like a car accident, you should look away, but you can't)  But, that part's just dreaming for me. Anyway, back to the promo! Dean! On. An. Airplane. homg, he's scared to fly! And he's wearing an oxygen mask, the plane's crashing?! Poor Dean!! And that creature, Lucifer? He's a cross between the Wendigo and Voldemort.

I just cannot wait for the season to start!

*tries to be patient and fails*
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