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Tease for Sera Gamble Q&A coming soon to WinchesterBros site!

*runs in circles, shrieking in excitement*

Sera Gamble most kindly answered a bunch of questions for us at've got to organize and edit a bit, then it will be posted, within a day or two, for sure. 

We came up with some really great questions, and Sera has some terrific answers, definitely spoilery, though not super specific--but if you're a spoilerphobe, when the Q&A comes out, *do not* read it.  But, I'm excited!  :-D

I'm going to post a teeny, spoilerly tease behind the cut:

WinBros staff Q: In the Judeo-Christianity theology, Uriel is one of the four Archangels. Supernatural not only did not refer to him as such, but also exposed him as a traitor. Do you have any plans for any of the other Archangels to show up, other than to defend the Prophet Chuck unseen?

Sera Gamble:  Yup. Buckle in.


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