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Yay! "Chuck the Prophet" is coming to Chicago Creation Con!

Creation Entertainment sent out an email announcement today about more guests to the Vancouver and Chicago cons--I'm not going to Vancouver :-(  (wah!  I wanna take a picture with Metallicar!), but I will be in Chicago in November, and omgyay, we're getting Rob Benedict who plays the prophet, Chuck Shurley--whee!  And, I like Julie, too, she's so nice and funny.

Info reposted from my email--see Creation's site for tickets, etc.(no, I don't work for them ;-) just giving credit where due):

Two cool guests to add to the roster of upcoming Creation Entertainment SALUTE TO SUPERNATURAL CONVENTIONS coming to Vancouver (August 28-30, 2009) and Chicago (November 13-15, 2009)!

Even though these events are almost totally sold out we're still working overtime to deliver the VERY best experience for our fellow Supernatural fans....

IN CHICAGO we'll be joined by:

ROB BENEDICT: SUPERNATURAL’s Chuck Shurley; HEAD CASE’s Jeremy Berger; FELICITY’s Richard Coad (appearing Sunday)

JULIE McNIVEN: SUPERNATURAL’s Anna Milton; MAD MEN’s Hildy (appearing Friday)

In VANCOUVER, joining the fun will be:

JULIE McNIVEN: SUPERNATURAL’s Anna Milton; MAD MEN’s Hildy (appearing Friday)


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