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I'm having abandonment issues today...sigh.

I'm feeling sad and a little abandoned today.  Nothing too terrible, but just that it all seems to have piled up in one day...  *sniffles forlornly*

My boss left for California today, for a week.  And though I do enjoy the chance for peace and quiet and catching up on work, we have a really good working relationship and joke around a lot in the office, so I'll miss that part of it

Sadder, though, is that we said goodbye to our wonderful, multi-talented, sweetheart of a studio intern today.  He is going back home to New England (he's been here since January), to finish out his senior year in high school, then off to RISD in the fall.  He's been here, working in the studio (My boss is a collage artist), and could handle anything we asked of him, with patience and good humor.  Honestly, he puts some adults twice (and more) his 18 years to shame.  We will miss him very much.  :-(  I asked him for a piece of artwork as a memento, and I can't wait till it's done and I can show you guys--he's a "car guy" and I gave him a photo of Metallicar to work from and said to also make the drawing 'his own.'  It's still in progress but so much fun, I am so looking forward to when he sends it to me!  We hope that he will stay in touch and keep us up on how he's doing at college, and maybe we'll see him next winter--hope so!

And if all that wasn't killer enough, last night's Supernatural ep 4.21 just about did me in.  And, in another goodbye, 4th season is almost over, and we'll be stuck in summer hiatus hell for *months*...Wah!  :-(  The boys are so broken and distant and I alternate between wanting to hug them both and smack them both.  The things they said to each other!  The fighting, the tears, oh God, I can't stand it.  I won't give up on them, and I hope they don't give up on each other.  Sam and Dean have to find the way back to being brothers, solid and caring and loving.  *nods*

Anyway, thanks for listening.  I know things aren't so bad, boss will be back, our intern will do great and we'll keep in touch, and Supernatural back for a 5th season--yay!!  So, I'll be fine, but just trying to get through a tough day...

*shuffles back to work*

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