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One Moment of Clarity
Yay, so happy that Supernatural will be back for its 8th season--moving to WEDNESDAYS--raised from the 'death' slot of Fridays, just like Sam and Dean so often have cheated Death... ;-) Great vote of confidence, and paired with Arrow, which looks cool.

Winchester Wednesdays FTW! \o/

Handsome boys, pictured at The CW upfronts on May 17, 2012--for the first time in years!

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One Moment of Clarity
Woohoo! Season 7 here we come! (Needed a new LJ post and this makes me very happy! :-)

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One Moment of Clarity

Woo hoo!  So proud and pleased for everyone, a well deserved honor as voted by the awesome fans of the show.


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One Moment of Clarity
19 October 2010 @ 05:57 pm
Just felt like something new to look at on my LJ top of the current page...


Thanks, Sam (though, really, the thanks are shared by Jared and Sera ;-)

And, thanks to the person who originally came up with this slogan/pic idea, I'm sorry, I don't know who you are, but it's awesome and I give credit where it's due, so anyone knows, please post it (or claim it :-) I made this version with a screencap via Winchester Family Business (hope Alice doesn't mind, lol):

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One Moment of Clarity
This one's for Wee!Dean and Mary:

Next, tomato rice soup....  Oh, Dean.

(via John Rogers' blog for Leverage, "Kung Fu Monkey"  :-)  He's a lot of fun to read, not always about Leverage:  http://kfmonkey.blogspot.com/
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One Moment of Clarity
(Using B's post--says it all!--thanks, hon!)

"Clif posted today on his facebook and has asked everyone to spread the word:

'There is someone out there posing as both J and J on twitter. We need to let everyone know it is not the boys. Please spread the word that the guys don't give life lessons nor do they met people for lunch, as a fan found out. This comes from J and J."

Please let everyone know. A fan actually had a lunch date with Jensen she thought, but it was actually "a 40ish creepy dude saying he represented Jensen.'"

(Me) Good grief, people are totally insane! 

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One Moment of Clarity
01 January 2010 @ 06:57 pm
Finally found the pics of me and Steve Bacic (taken at a convention in Orlando in 2006).  He played Dr. Sexy in the Supernatural ep "Changing Channels," looked like he had fun--I kept thinking he looked so familiar, D'oh, I'd seen him in Stargate and Andromeda and in person. *smacks self in forehead* 

He was very nice, tall and handsome.  (Ignore me and look at the Pretty  ;-)

I'm about 5'8 in these pics, so he's as tall as Jensen--so when they're nose to nose in the ep, they're really nose to nose as they were filming.  :-)

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One Moment of Clarity
24 December 2009 @ 01:01 pm

Christmasy stuff...spn postcard campaign...WinchesterBros Fundraiser...Collapse )Christmasy stuff...spn postcard campaign...WinchesterBros Fundraiser...Collapse )
Merry Christmas--Happy Holidays--Season's Greetings...!

This is my holiday card that I sent out in the mail this year--it was in a red border/silver snowflake card holder--I sent one to the Supernatural offices (I taped it down as a postcard) and they hung it up along with all the other wonderful cards sent as part of the SPN Postcard campaign.  more Christmas stuff, fundraiser news, etc.Collapse )

Christmasy stuff...spn postcard campaign...WinchesterBros Fundraiser...Collapse )
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One Moment of Clarity
06 December 2009 @ 06:57 pm
Thank you, thank you, gwendolynmstacy and shadow_of_doubt for the snowflake cookies!! My very first virtual gifts! Hope y'all have wonderful holidays, too! *hugs*

A little fun J2 from Chicago 4u... :-D

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One Moment of Clarity
A Happy Birthday picspam for darling PQ--hope part 2 of birthday is as good/better than part 1! Some Jared, some Sam, one with that other guy whose name starts with J ;-) and one Brock (with little Sam). Oh, and some Hobbits--ha! All of it pretty! One Jared for a preview, rest after the cut... *big smishy hugs*

Pretty Padalecki, comin' up...Collapse )
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